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What people are saying

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This was absolutely the best money I have spent on TPT to date. The resources were engaging and contained a variety of DOK questions and progressed through the novella in a logical and linear way. I loved having the option of print and digital resources ready to go. The thematic poster and unit test were great end of unit assessments. I saved hours by using these resources instead of making my own, and they guided very productive conversations in class.

— Lauren R.

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I could not WAIT to review this. I love it, and I edited it so I could use this for any text. I never found anything that teaches theme with the same process that I use. Most things are simple and lack depth. I've tried to model my process and make graphic organizers to help students analyze theme, but it never seemed to work. Why I never thought to use a Frayer model, is beyond me. I legitimately thought I was teaching it wrong or "doing too much" because I couldn't find other things to reflect the way I thought it. I love that you differentiate between thematic TOPICS and thematic STATEMENTS. Also, you've designed this in such a way to model the thought process necessary for developing and supporting the theme. You moved students beyond restating basic evidence. By including the "explanation" section, students can understand that there is a difference between regurgitating texts and actually analyzing text to support a claim. I love this. It's perfect. Can we PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE all agree to teach analyzing theme this way?! Dang lol. (PS, pardon any mistakes. I am typing this after five hours of grading students essays, and I refuse to re-read and edit this)

— Epifania T.

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I used this resource during the application process for a teaching position. I wanted to set myself apart from other candidates as a first year teacher. I thought having a well though-out classroom management plan would really add to my portfolio. This resource was JUST what I needed to help me do that having only my student teaching to fall back on as far as classroom management. It was incredibly helpful. Not only did I add to my portfolio but I feel more confident going into my first year because I got the job!

— Jessica S

Hey, I'm Marlow!

After teaching high school ELA for five years, I decided to take a leap of faith and use my own lesson plans and resources to start making money online! I started my TpT store in August 2019 and have been able to help thousands of educators with my resources! As of 2/21/23 I have earned over $20,000 in extra income by selling on TPT, and it is my mission to educate teachers on how they can do the same, and provide resources to help them excel even more in and out of the classroom!