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Transform Your Classroom Management in 5 Simple Steps

If you’re reading this, most likely you’re a new or veteran teacher struggling with managing your classroom and frustrated with trying countless techniques and feeling like things just aren’t working.

I understand. After five years of teaching, I decided to deeply reflect on my classroom management practices to figure out how I could use the tools I already had to create a plan personalized for me and what I knew worked for MY classroom!

From this reflection, I pin-pointed 5 crucial steps that allowed me to develop my own 30+ page classroom management plan! This 5 Step Process completely transformed my classroom management practices, and this course will teach you how to do the same!

Are you ready to TRANSFORM your classroom management?

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What people are saying

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As a new teacher starting mid year, I have been struggling with classroom management. Your resource was extremely informative and guided me in creating my own classroom management plan.

— Landon R.

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I just switched from teaching middle school to high school and I found this resource perfect for my needs in that fearsome switch. Thanks so much!

— Crystal P.

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This resource is well thought out and helped me to plan my own classroom management plan. Covers a variety of topics to address when planning for a well-run classroom.

— Allison R.

Teacher Tested & Approved!

"I used this resource during the application process for a teaching position. I wanted to set myself apart from other candidates as a first year teacher. I thought having a well though-out classroom management plan would really add to my portfolio. This resource was JUST what I needed to help me do that having only my student teaching to fall back on as far as classroom management. It was incredibly helpful. Not only did I add to my portfolio but I feel more confident going into my first year because I got the job!"

- Jessica S.

Learn the Steps to Create Your Own Plan!

Transform Your Classroom Management!


A Mini-Course Packed with Value!

Step-by-Step Process

This course detailing the 5 Step Process I used to create my own 30+ page Classroom Management plan, will completely TRANSFORM your own classroom management practices!

Essential Questions

We all know classroom management can be daunting. If you are struggling with your classroom management practices, then this resource is made for YOU! These 40 essential classroom management questions were designed to help you consider what comes with classroom management outside of rules & consequences.

Transform Your Classroom Management!